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Republic of Korea as well-known as South Korea has become the one of fast-growing developed country specifically in economy and technology at unprecedented speed in East Asia, albeit historically the country was devastated during the three-year-long Korean War. To date South Korean business has boasted solid international competitiveness such as ship-building, iron-steel, chemical, IT, Construction industries.

Indonesia an archipelago consisting more than 13,000 islands, after passing through the hard time in democratic transition since 1998, to date the nation with the new leader (Mr. President Jokowi) has been transformed to become an attractive country for investment both local and foreign in South East Asia. With the enthusiast and spirit of Mr. Jokowi who pursues one of the target, that is the development of infrastructure, he has released the related President Decree (PerPres) no. 38 year 2015 to warrant the convenience, simplicity and fairness for the investors.

Mr. Kim Hyo Chan from the South Korean, the worldwide entrepreneur which in the latest decades have stayed and conducted business in many places in Indonesia, believe that the Mr. Jokowi’s Decree has delivered the ‘best time’ opportunity as Mr. Kim have already had close relationship to many government institutions both in Indonesia and in South Korea. Mr. Kim furthermore initiated to generate the foreign capital investment company under Indonesian law so called PT. Indonesia Natural Core (PT. INC) to facilitate the Indonesian Government in making his dream comes into real.
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